Science Saturdays 2018

Science Saturdays are family friendly events that have a variety of hands-on science activities for guests of all ages to participate in. Admission for all is FREE on Science Saturdays, the last Saturday of the month, during the school year from 10:00AM to 3:00PM.


Amazing Migrations • January 27

We peer into the fantastic world of wildlife migration. We will also be celebrating Sandy the Whale's birthday, and are excited to host Larry Foster - the artist who made Sandy - for a talk and Q & A about the beloved whale on the Museum's front porch. Kids and adults alike can learn the stories of our local migrators while completing a craft, activities, and games throughout the museum. 


Animal Athletes • February 24

This highest jumping, fastest flying, strongest biting Science Saturday of the year focuses on the Olympians in the animal kingdom. From falcons to mountain lions, and beetles to beavers, every athlete has a story to tell. Join us for crafts, activities, and science as we sprint, jump, and dive into the world of Animal Athletes.

Bees, Wasps, Honey, and Hives • March 24

Explore the sweet-side of science as Science Saturday turns its attention to Bees, Wasps, Honey, and Hives. Do all bees make honey? How do you tell a wasp from a bee? Do all bees sting? Find the answers to all of your buzzing questions as you complete a craft, taste honey, and learn about some of our most important local pollinators.

Day of the Dino • April 28

Prepare for time-travel during this prehistoric Science Saturday, when we set our sights on the age of the dinosaurs. We will explore fossils, footprints, and more as we learn what made the dinosaurs so successful, and also what led to their extinction. We are honored to host USGS Emeritus Scientist, Ed Clifton, for a series of talks about dinosaurs during this special event.


Water Wild • MAY 26

We're making a splash during this last Science Saturday of the school year, as we dive into the wonderful world of water. What is a watershed? Where can you find a steelhead? Find out while we explore all-things aquatic while completing a craft, activities, and more.