LiMPETS (Long-term Monitoring Program and Experiential Training for Students) is a free environmental monitoring and education program for students, educators, and volunteer groups. This hands-on program was developed to monitor the ocean and coastal ecosystems of California's National Marine Sanctuaries to increase awareness and stewardship of these important areas.

Beach or Tidepool?

Two distinct monitoring programs make up the core of the LiMPETS network: the Rocky Intertidal Monitoring Program and the Sandy Beach Monitoring Program. Both programs are free and designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience the scientific process firsthand. Through research-based monitoring and standardized protocols, students develop their problem solving skills, gain experience using tools and methods employed by field scientists, and learn to analyze data. The online data entry system on the LiMPETS website allows our participants to archive their data electronically and to view and analyze their results over time. The LiMPETS network provides authentic, hands-on coastal monitoring experiences that empower teachers, students and the community to conduct real science and serve as ocean stewards.

If you are interested in scheduling a LiMPETS program, please complete the form below.

Find information for the LiMPETS Teacher Workshop on the Museum's Teacher Resources Page.

For more information about the LiMPETS program, please see the network website at

Bus Scholarships

Bus scholarships are available to bring students out to the LiMPETS monitoring sites. Scholarships:

  • Are awarded for up to $600 per award. If $600.00 is not enough to cover the cost of your bus, please contact the LiMPETS Coordinator to discuss funding options.
  • Must be utilized in the same academic year in which it is applied for.
  • Require that the Teacher commit to: 1. training students in class prior to monitoring, 2. to enter data online and 3. to send the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History a student “thank you” or “final assessment project” to give to our funders.

Schedule LiMPETS &/or Apply for Bus Scholarship

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