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LiMPETS Introduction to Sandy Beach Monitoring Teacher Workshop - Saturday, February 3rd

Get involved in an exciting citizen science program with your students (grades 6 and up). Workshop participants will receive in-depth curriculum materials and training to participate in LiMPETS sandy beach monitoring - a long-term survey of sand crab populations at monitoring sites along the coast. You can learn more about the LiMPETS program here. Register for the workshop here. There is a $30 deposit to register, which will be refunded after you attend the workshoop. For questions about this program, please contact Emily Gottlieb at (831) 648-5716 ext.11 or limpets@pgmuseum.org




Classroom Kits

Use the Museum’s Education Collection in your classroom! Outreach kits are free and designed to fit any classroom’s need. Take learning to a new level and let your students hold items like quartz crystals, model skulls, whale baleen, and furs. Below are ready-made classroom kits, but we can create kits for almost any subject.

  • Predator and Prey Adaptions: Skulls and animal furs help students identify key adaptations that herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores have to help them survive.
  • The Ohlone and Natural Resources: How did the Ohlone live? Share arrowheads, a tule canoe, deer pelts, and other natural resources the Ohlone people used during their everyday life with your students.
  • Museum Collection Items: If you would like to check out a few items to aid in your classroom lesson, you can set up an appointment to see which objects are available, and would work best in your class. 

Request a Classroom Kit

Each kit is free of charge and may be checked out for a one week period. Complete the form below to request a kit.

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Name of Teacher Requesting Classroom Kit
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When would you prefer your one week loan to begin?
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LiMPETS Citizen Science Teacher Workshop


The Museum holds two Teacher Workshops to train teachers in how to utilize the LiMPETS program to meet Next Generation Science Standards. One workshop addresses the Rocky Intertidal LiMPETS Program and one workshop addresses the Sand Crab Monitoring LiMPETS Program. (Click here to learn more about the LiMPETS program.)

Please complete this form and the Museum will email you program information when the workshop is scheduled.

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Name of Teacher Interested in LiMPETS Teacher Workshop
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