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An Interspecies Experience with Plant-generated Music

Record Release Party of  Shirley Shirley Shirley! 

Immersive plant music installation
Live sets by Nico Georis, Matt Baldwin and various plants

Experience the high strangeness of plant music—that is, plants that "sing". 

Using a biofeedback device (MIDI Sprout), Nico Georis created his new album of ambient plant music by translating the flow of electricity in plants into a flow of musical notes. Nico shares this strange and beautiful world of singing plants with the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History celebrating the release of his new record, titled Shirley Shirley Shirley

The event features an "interspecies collaboration" where Nico and fellow musician Matt Baldwin improvise live music with various flora. The show also features a plant music installation—where everyone can meander through the native garden and interact with several plants that generate music in real time.

Later Event: April 13
2019 Smart Garden Fair