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Hardcore Natural History Series – Not All That Wander Are Lost — Exploring the largest mass migration on the planet

Every day in aquatic ecosystems throughout the planet countless organisms undergo what has been described as the largest single migration of biomass found on earth. The natural event — first discovered during World War II — is largely comprised of zooplankton such as crustaceans, mollusks, fish, and jellies. Oceanographers coined the term Diel Vertical Migration (DVM) to describe this phenomenon. What possible reasons could there be for undergoing this Sisyphian-like odyssey and are these similar for the different organisms that participate in this daily ritual? Join us, and wine partner Morgan Winery, at the Museum as we host Baldo Marinovic for Hardcore Natural History as we explore these questions through an examination of distinctly different zooplankton taxa and the role DVM plays in their respective life histories.

$5 Members Online$10 Non-members Online • $15 At The Door

Enjoy dinner before or after the event and receive a complimentary appetizer with the order of an entée.

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