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Hardcore Natural History Series - Salt on the Central Coast

Join us to discuss the history of salt, in the world and Monterey County. Carlo Overhulser, owner of Big Sur Salts (, will lead a discussion ranging from the types of salt we use on our foods, to the history of it's use, to our own local salt history. Join us and wine sponsor Big White House & John Evan Winery for this exploration of all things salt!

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About Carlo Overhulser
Big Sur Salts began with the realization that we have access to almost everything we need right here on the Central Coast. Having worked in restaurants for over 1/3 of my life, I looked into what organic options are available here, and it became clear that what we have on the cliffs of Big Sur is the foundation of something we all want and should all have access to; quality ingredients that give us a better food experience. 

“That being said, ingredients are one thing, but the salt, itself, can be manipulated to extremes, some of which others have brought to the marketplace already, e.g. wine salt. A variety of textures, aromas, colors, and flavors can be introduced via the salt, accompanied by other select ingredients, and thus translate as new adventures for the palate. We haven’t gone anywhere, we haven’t used anything unfamiliar - it just presents itself as a different medium.

“Being able to do this with the salt allows me to bring micro-climates to the consumer. When you eat the ‘Lost Valley’ blend, for example, not only are you experiencing some of the flora and fauna you’d find in that area of the Ventana Wilderness, you’re also experiencing the colors that you’ll absorb during a visit. 

“The flexibility of the salt allows me to be creative, but without that, Big Sur Salts wouldn’t feel so new or fun to me. The vision and excitement of Big Sur Salts isn’t for these products to be just quality salts you use on your food - they’re designed to have their own space on the plate.”