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Lecture: Cracking the Aging Code -- The new science of growing old

Enjoy a fascinating lecture by theoretical biologist Josh Mitteldorf, who shows that evolution and aging are even more complex and breathtaking than we thought.

In a recently published book (co-authored with Dorion Sagan), Mitteldorf makes the case that aging does not result from "wear and tear," nor is it a genetic inevitability.  He has decoded the signals that trigger aging, and identified how to replace them with the signals of youthful vitality.

Then why do we age? While having a fixed life span may be bad for an individual, it has its advantages for humankind: it protects and invigorates communities, making aging an integral part of our species. Aging is a war waged from within and with an evolutionary purpose: to stabilize populations and ecosystems, which are ever threatened by cyclic swings that can lead to extinction.

Admission to this lecture is $5 (free for Museum Members and volunteers).  Click here for membership information.


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