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Lecture: Coastal Canvases, Beyond Pretty

The ragged granite coastline, wave-beaten and unyielding, the skeletal cypress trees, the majestic oaks, the fallen pines and grassy hillsides -- these compose the landscapes of the Central Coast that have brought biologists, geologists and botanists to wonder at the natural diversity.

It is also the landscape that has seduced artists from distant horizons to travel here and paint. The paintings that we now refer to as the Monterey Style go beyond being pretty and decorative seascapes and forests. They are spiritual responses to the unique rhythms of our natural world here in what we know as our home.

Join Lila Staples, PhD in a captivating look at some of the paintings inspired by nature's local workings. Dr. Staples has recently retired as Chair of the Art Department at CSU Monterey Bay. One of her enduring interests is the art of the Central Coast, 1870-1950.

Admission is $5 (free for Museum Members)