Monterey County Monarch Counts

Pacific Grove's Monarch Sanctuary Counts

Museum staff and volunteers conducted a monarch count on Saturday, November 10th, 2018, and observed a total of 740 monarchs at the Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary.

The Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary is the largest public monarch overwintering site in Monterey County. During the monarch season, the Museum counts the monarchs at the PG sanctuary weekly. These counts reflect the the average number of monarchs observed.

The Museum monarch docents are available to assist with monarch viewing everyday from 12-3, weather permitting. The population peaks at the end of November/beginning of December with mating season occurring around mid-February.

Much of this work is made possible thanks to the Helen Johnson Monarch Fund.

Monarch Counts Throughout Monterey County

Monarch counting at the other Monterey County overwintering sites begins in mid-November.