Seed distribution

Milkweed & Nectar Corridors Needed

Milkweed is the only plant a monarch can lay its eggs on. Fragmented milkweed corridors is of concern to scientists studying why the monarch population is in decline. By planting milkweed at least ten miles from monarch overwintering sites you are encouraging their healthy migration.

Nectar corridors are also vital to the monarchs successful migration. Scientists know that monarchs are more likely to survive the overwintering season the more fat stores they have. More nectar plants provide more stopping places for migrating monarchs to obtain nourishment and establish fat stores.

If you live along the California coast, plant nectar plants to support the monarchs migrating to overwintering sites. If you live inland, please plant nectar plants and milkweed to support the monarch migration away from the overwintering sites.

Milkweed seeds and nectar plant seeds can be purchased in the Museum Gift Store.