Elephant Seals

Scientific Name: Mirounga angustirostris


When and where can I see the elephant seals on the Central Coast?

Between December and March you can find them at the following sandy California beaches:


Why do elephant seals fight and when can I view this?

Male elephant seal bulls fight each other to establish their own territory on the beach, improving their likelihood of mating. You can see this in December when the bulls are the first elephant seals to arrive on the beaches. Click here for information on where to view elephant seals on the California Central Coast.

Newborn elephant seal, less than one week old.

Newborn elephant seal, less than one week old.

The females elephant seals arrive later at the beach, after having been pregnant at open sea for about 8 months. They gather in harems around selected bulls. Usually during the last two weeks in January the pregnant females give birth to one adorable pup each. The female elephant seal gestation is 11 months total.

You can see actress Isabella Rosselini describe elephant seal mating behavior in green porno (Please note that the Museum is not responsible for the Green Porno content and it may not be appropriate for all ages and it does contain some disturbing pictures of dead seals.)


How long can an elephant seal hold its breath and other fun facts?

Elephant seals fun facts:

  • They can hold their breath for up to two hours diving up to 5800 feet. 
  • Are the largest of the seal family.
  • Are the farthest migrator; up to 13,000 miles, twice a year
  • Spends 8–10 months in the open ocean

Length: Male: 12-16 ft., female: 7-12 ft.

Weight: Male: up to 5,070 lbs., female: 2,000 lbs.

Diet: Sharks, flatfish, ratfish, crab, squid and octopus

Lifespan: Can live up to 22 years


Where can I find more information on elephant seals?