We Want to Hear YOUR Story!
You’re invited to contribute to “Collections: Our Community’s Stories”

Be part of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History's next community supported exhibit!
What is “Collections: Our Community’s Stories”?
The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History started out as a collection of curiosities from the
natural world: shells, minerals, flora and fauna. But over the past 134 years, we have inherited
so much more than just natural wonders and specimens. Local collectors have donated items
that help us understand our cultural history, as well. Our collection is now filled with countless
stories about the wildlife around us and the people that came before us. In many ways the
Museum has become the attic for Pacific Grove.
Who can participate? Anyone in the community can enter their items for consideration!
What can I submit? Anything you have collected -- hotel pens or animal bones, wood carvings or kitchen utensils, stuffed animals or old soda cans -- over the years. Please submit a picture of your item/s and a 100 word (or less) statement of why you kept them/why they are important to you, along with your name, city of residence, age, contact phone number and email address. All submissions should be e-mailed to Paul Van de Carr at vandecarr@pgmuseum.org. 
Selected collectors will be notified and have the opportunity to display their toys in the new
exhibit. The Museum reserves the right to refuse the display of any work/item for any reason.
● Submitted object/s must be able to fit inside a 16 inch cube.
● Each submission must be accompanied by statement (100 words or less) why they are
important/why they were kept.
● Submissions should be expected to be on display through the end of the year.
● Deadline for submission is Saturday, July 8, 2017
Questions? Email us at vandecarr@pgmuseum.org or call us at 831-648-5716.

Many of our attics, closets and garages are filled with stories. Photo albums and baby blankets, old letters and perhaps some old tickets stubs all remind us of good days in our past. Many of us hold on to collections because we treasure the stories that they tell.
For one Museum staffer, the stories come with a wooden train set he stores in his garage. The memories of the smooth, grooved tracks that could be connected from end to end like a puzzle to create any track pattern he wished. The tracks could take him any place he dreamt up: the mountains of Mars, under the sea, or a prehistoric jungle. Often though, they would transport him to a relative’s house or become a high-speed rail that could cut his parents commute in half. The train didn’t just provide an outlet for imagination, it provided comfort and reassurance.
Many of us have similar collections and stories that we enjoy sharing. In the new exhibit “Collections: Our Community’s Stories,” the Pacific Grove Museum will display your collections alongside our own. We want to hear your story and invite you to share your treasures and their history with the Museum.