Celebrating National Poetry Month

Do you have a favorite poem? Write in a Nature Journal?
Enjoy a few poems, including local artists, past and present.

For myself I hold no preferences among flowers,
so long as they are wild, free, spontaneous.
Bricks to all greenhouses!
Black thumb and cutworm to the potted plant!

~~ Edward Abbey   

The Green of Spring
After months of rain everything seems new, fragile, and green.
Blades of grass cover the meadow, yellow-green leaves adorn the trees,
green buds swell atop stems, the brick path is mossy and slick.
But the bark of the ancient oaks, pines, and cypress are not new, fragile, or green.
They are creviced and wrinkled, scarred and rough.
They are the brown color of the rich moist earth that, each year,
gives birth to the bright green springtime.

~~ Patrick W. Flanigan

Shell Talk
in the murmur
of a nautilus
we hear a sound
older than man
Like a whorled ear
perhaps it also listens.

~~ Julie Houy

Sing for Your Supper
What if singing
were how you earned your living —
each day, year after year?

The sky above you is blue.
Clouds billow like white dresses.
They are yours
though you do not own them.
Your voice flickers
like a pinwheel of color.
Old uncle has his tune,
as do your sisters and cousins.
Every answer has its question.
Songs, little melodies,
are your job,
for which you never earn any money.
You live in a house
in a tree.
Rarely do your feet
touch the ground.

~~ Patrice Vecchione

Little Loch Ness monsters
trail shadows
through sinister seas…
hoist themselves rockward
clamor up the perfect pinnacle
spread prophetic black-draped arms
then settle into silence…
leaving mysterious question marks
to dot our shoreline.

~~ Susan Carol Besobrazoff

Divinely Superfluous Beauty
The storm-dances of gulls, the barking game of seals,
Over and under the ocean ...
Divinely superfluous beauty

Rules the games, presides over destinies, makes trees grow
And hills tower, waves fall.
The incredible beauty of joy
Stars with fire the joining of lips, O let our loves too
Be joined, there is not a maiden
Burns and thirsts for love
More than my blood for you, by the shore of seals while the wings
Weave like a web in the air
Divinely superfluous beauty.

~~ Robinson Jeffers

“To see the world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wildflower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour.”

~~ William Blake

Some Haiku Too...
Three roosting herons
Atop wind-grown cypress tree
Await coming dusk..
Springtime spoke today.
In tiny pink plum blossoms
It whispered sunshine.
Red-breasted nuthatch
Scouring Monterey pine trees
For juicy insects.
Dazzling spider threads
Strung through frail rattlesnake weed
Glinting in sunlight.

~~ Susan Carol Besobrazoff

Your Turn Now

Take a poem to read on a log, bench, hike or beach
Take time in nature to write your own poem
Discover the joy of sharing a favorite poem with others

Information About National Poetry Month
https://www.poets.org/national-poetry- month/about-celebration