Apps We Love

  • Explorer Apps: These free apps are ideal for everyone. Curious explorers who want to enhance their outdoor experiences will especially love these. No animal or plant expertise is needed to fully engage.
  • Naturalist Apps: These free apps are for the committed and more advanced naturalist. They benefit from your knowledge and you'll benefit from theirs.

Explorer Apps

  • Merlin Bird Identification; Cornell Ornithology Labs
    What was that bird? Enter basic information such as the color, place you saw it, and what was the bird doing and this app helps you identify the bird.
  • California Tide Pools; NOAA, Channel Islands National Marine sanctuary
    Photos and a wealth of information about 48 of the most common plants and animals found in our tide pools.
  • Seafood Watch; Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Guilt-free seafood has arrived! See at-a-glance, while making your dining selection, which of your menu options are sustainable.


Naturalist Apps

  • E-Bird; Cornell Ornithology Labs
     An online database of bird observations providing scientists, researchers and amateur naturalists with real-time data about bird distribution and abundance.
  • i-Naturalist; Cal Academy of Science
    Record what you see in nature and meet other nature lovers.