Explore the central coast’s natural wonder this summer with the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History!

Have fun and explore the natural world, while engaging in enjoyable and educational activities. These programs fill up fast, so hurry and reserve your spot today. This year, the Museum is offering eight excellent summer camp programs including camps for TK-2nd Grade and 3rd-5th Grade. See below for detailed information on each camp.

$335 per camper
$285 for Family level                                                                                       Museum members

For children who will be going into TK-2nd grade in the fall

(9 A.M. - 1 P.M.)

(*No younger than 4 years old @ start of camp, must be potty trained )

Under the Sea Camp - (6/4-6/8)

During this week of Museum adventure camp we’ll explore the amazing diversity of life in the ocean, while focusing on the local wildlife of the Monterey Bay. We’ll explore tidepools, create crafts and more while uncovering the wonders of life below the surface. Join us for this week-long, awe-inspiring dive into life Under the Sea!

Feathers & Scales Camp - (6/18-6/22)

Squawk and slither your way into this fun-filled exploration of birds and reptiles. Through outdoor exploration, science activities, and arts and crafts, we’ll study these modern descendants of past giants to discover what makes them unique, and what has allowed them to succeed on Earth for millions of years.

Jurassic Explorers Camp - (7/9-7/13) SOLD OUT

Everyone knows that dinosaurs once ruled the earth, but did you know that the first creatures to claim dry land as their own were insects that grew to gigantic proportions? Join us for five days of activities including fossil hunts and a prehistoric creature costume competition. From mammal-like reptiles that could fit in the palm of your hand, to 8 foot long millipedes, you’ll discover that Earth’s prehistory is even stranger than you had imagined!

‘Ology Camp - (7/23-7/27) SOLD OUT

Send your future explorers to this museum adventure camp to learn about the many different sides of science. We’ll shine a spotlight on geology, biology, entomology, and more, as we learn about a new “Ology” each day of the week. Crafts, games, activities, and field trips will give campers a unique and in-depth look at life behind the labcoat.

For children who will be going into 3rd-5th grade in the fall

(9 A.M. - 3 P.M.)

Prehistoric Camp - (6/11-6/15) 

Come on a 4.5 billion year journey of exploration covering 5 fascinating extinction events in Earth’s history. Go on a fossil hunt and design your own prehistoric species! From asteroids and climate change, to trilobites and dinosaurs, students learn how new forms of life flourish when previously successful species disappear. Join us as we explore Earth’s early lifeforms during Prehistoric Camp!

Make-a-Museum Camp - (6/25-6/29)

Create your own museum exhibit! Join us for an exciting summer camp and see the museum behind the scenes. Discover the secrets behind building exhibits, collecting treasures, and sharing the wonder of the natural world. Then, become a curator of your very own diorama exhibit, which you can take home and share with your friends and family.

Time Travel Camp - (7/16-7/20)

Five days of activities are devoted to the pieces of the past left behind by native Ohlone tribes, the Spanish and Russian empires, the Mexican Republic, Qing Dynasty China, and the first settlers from the United States of America. By exploring carefully preserved artifacts at the Museum and historic locations nearby, students will discover thousands of years of human history right here on the Monterey Peninsula.

Women of Science - (7/30-8/3)

Join us for this girls-only week of summer camp as we explore the lives of some of the world’s most famous and accomplished scientists. We’ll learn about famous botanists, biologists, astronomers, and more, as we learn about the lives and accomplishments of some of the many amazing Women of Science!

Campers are required to be within the specified grade and age range at the start of camp. Drop off for campers begins at 8:45 a.m. We request pick up for campers no later than 15 minutes after camp ends.

Please contact Nick Stong at stong@pgmuseum.org or call 831.648.5716 ext. 20 for more information.  For discounted registration, become a Museum member here.