We took selfies by our favorite Museum object.

Can you guess where each picture was taken?

Beverly Bruno, Museum Services, 831.648.5716 ext 16,

Lauren Finch, Guest Services, 831.648.5716, ext 13,

Emily Gottlieb, LiMPETS Coordinator, 831.648.5716, ext 11,

Annie C. Holdren, Ph.D., Exhibitions Curator, 831.648.5716, ext 17,

Jeanette Kihs, CFRE, Interim Executive Director, 831.648.5716, ext 10,

Stacey Limone, Guest Services, 831.648.5716, ext 13,

Elissa Nelson, Bookkeeper (contract), 831.648.4716, ext 18,

Deanna Sinsel, Executive Assistant, 831.648.5716 ext 15,

Paul VandeCarr, Collections Curator, 831.648.5716 ext 12, 

Ann Wasser, Education Manager, 831.648.5716 x14,   

Allison Watson, Community Outreach Program Manager, 831.648.5716, ext. 20,

Patrick Whitehurst, Marketing Communications Coordinator, 831.648.5716, ext. 24,

The Museum's Director and Curator Emeritus is Vern Yadon.