Meet the Museum Team

Our museum opened its doors in 1883. For 130 years this museum has been helping people explore and appreciate nature in the California Central Coast.

We started this blog to extend the conversations that we’re having within the museum walls out to our friends, colleagues, members, and anyone interested in nature and the California Central Coast. 

Meet the team.

  • I'm Lori Mannel, the Museum’s Executive Director and will showcase the critical importance of natural history today and the critical work of our partners.
  • Paul VandeCarr is the Museum Collections Curator. Paul will be telling stories of our collection. He’ll showcase items from the Museum’s collection of over 50,000 objects and tell the stories of the object’s donors and how the collection has grown over 130 years.
  • Annie Holdren, Ph.D. is the Museum Exhibitions Curator and will provide deeper insights into our museum exhibitions and how they connect with the Central Coast.
  • Learn more about citizen science with Ann Wasser, the Museum Education Manager.
  • As the Museum Outreach Coordinator, Allison Watson loves to promote science, nature, and culture through hands-on creative activities and events. 

Please join us as we share our interests in and passions for this incredible region that we live in.

Lori Mannel
Executive Director
Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History