Commercial steam schooner S.S. Crescent City. AKA Jim Butler. Was built in 1906 in Aberdeen, WA, by Lindstrom Shipbuilding Co. Wrecked in fog about 6 miles north of the Santa Cruz Light.
Figurehead from Falls of Clyde on display at San Francisco Maritime Museum. The ship currently is located in Honolulu Harbor.
Four-masted bark Falls of Clyde leaving Hilo, Hawaii for Monterey in 1912. The ship currently is located in Honolulu Harbor.
Commercial steam schooner S.S. Celia was built in Benicia, CA by Matthew Turner in 1884. She was wrecked in fog off of Point Joe near Pebble Beach on August 28, 1906. Her cargo was lumber.
Schooner yacht Shamrock VI. She was blown ashore in Santa Cruz on Saturday, October 7, 1972, and refloated. She sank again while being towed to San Francisco, and refloated again on November 3, 1972.
Steamship on Monterey Bay. Crow's nest on two masts, numerous ship's boats.
Twin screw motor ship Pacific Grove, built in 1928 for Furness, Withy, and Co. in London, England. 450 feet long, accommodates 12 first-class passengers. Prior to WWII, it made regular trips between Liverpool, England and San Francisco, California. Was torpedoed in North Atlantic on April 11, 1943, and sank. Also have copy negative.